Princess Christina tells all about the re-release of Everybody Needs God

Princess Christina is no stranger to the Gospel scene, having emerged in 2015 after winning ‘Bling Your Ting. She then released several tracks produced by Ibe Giantkiller which were greatly received.

However, since then she has been out of the scene for 3 years. Says Princess Christina “I was going through a spiritual and mental health nervous break down . I have also been physically unwell”. She explains that she was under spiritual attack, including from family members jealous of her gifting who she believes were practising witch craft on her and her sons. This had such an effect that she removed her music from YouTube thinking that it did not glorify God.

After spending time with God, she realised that her music does goes glorify God, as long as the lyrics are biblical, in the will of God and are a personal testimony. She now prefers to to call her music Dance Hall Gospel and Reggae Gospel, with the emphasis on Gospel.

She was eventually delivered from her illnesses and spiritual attacks and decided to put her videos back up. However, this proved to be a challenge as her video producer said his laptop was stolen which has the video on it. However, after much prayer, the video was eventually found and has been put back onto YouTube, where people can be blessed by it. Princess Christina now continues to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ through her music.

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